December 1, 2022
Concept Cars Electric Cars Peugeot

Peugeot BB1 will be produced in series

Peugeot BB1 will be produced in series. Beacuse after revealing the concept at Frankfurt, it received positive feedback, the concept will be produced in series version starting in the next two years. Peugeot has officially announced their intention to produce in series the BB1 concept, unveiled last autumn in the Motor Show at Frankfurt. It […]

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Concept Cars Electric Cars Honda

2011 Honda CR-Z at the Detroit Auto Show

Two days ago we told you that the 2011 Honda CR-Z has been confirmed for the Detroit Auto Show from this year namely 2010 and now we have few photos and also some details and new thoughts about it. I want first to remember you that 2011 Honda CR-Z is a really cool car from […]

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Electric Cars Mercedes

Mercedes Electric A-Klasse to be launched in October

German manufacturer will expand its range of ecological models with an electric version of the A-Klasse model, named E-Cell and expected to begin on the market in October. Mercedes will improve this year its electric vehicles offer with a ecological model. Manufacturer from Stuttgart plans to launch in October a battery version of the current […]

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Concept Cars Electric Cars VW

Volkswagen NCC Concept with details and photos

This concept really looks like a superhero’s car. When I first looked at it and I wanted to make a comparison, I realized that this Volkswagen NCC Concept looks like a bullet. I can even say that this Volkswagen NCC Concept is the Silver Surfer’s car but I’ll end the Sci-Fi from this post here.

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Electric Cars Honda

Official: Honda CR-Z at Detroit Auto Show

The Japanese manufacturer unveiled today at the Detroit Auto Show, the series version of the hybrid coupe CR-Z. It benefits from a parallel hybrid system, which gives it 124 hp and 174 Nm. Honda has unveiled at the International Auto Show in Detroit the model that fans waited a long time: the series version of […]

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Concept Cars Electric Cars Hyundai

Hyundai Blue-Will Concept with photos and information

I have to tell you that this is the first hybrid from Hyundai which also makes me to detest this auto maker because they should have much more hybrids until now like the other auto makers. Anyway, excluding this, the Hyundai Blue-Will Concept is a pretty cool concept or at last talking about the design.

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Concept Cars Electric Cars Suzuki

Details and photos with the Suzuki SX4 Hybrid

I have to tell you from the beginning that this Suzuki SX4 Hybrid is one of those concepts that are “forced” to be cool talking about the design but also about the engine from this car. Anyway, it is still a cool car (of course, because it is forced) and I will tell you why.

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Electric Cars

Electric Cars to be loaded wireless

The American company Evatran has created a system for cars that use electric motors, this system help electric cars to be loaded without using wires. The American company Evatran has created a system through electric cars and plug-in hybrids can will be loaded no longer using a power cable. Technology designed by Americans is called […]

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Concept Cars Electric Cars Renault

Renault Fluence Z.E. to be produced in Turkey

Renault Fluence Z.E. will be produced in Turkey and will have the same price with the internal combustion version. Renault wants to affirm on the electric cars market in Europe. For this reason, they will try to offer more accessibles electric cars. The French have chosen this location to maintain the price as low as […]

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Citroen Electric Cars

Citroen C-Zero based on iMiEV

Citroen has today revealed first electric vehicle for mass production, named C-Zero and based on current Mitsubishi iMiEV. After Mitsubishi has enjoyed a good reception with iMiEV and Peugeot unveiled at Frankfurt the iOn model, now is time to Citroen to give the public its interpretation of a micro-electric car, named C-Zero and based on […]

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Concept Cars Electric Cars Renault

Renault Twizy will be produced in series

The electric concept will be produced in series by 2012. The model will be addressed for those who need a practical alternative in cities. Renault has confirmed that they will produce the electric Twizy ZE prototype in series , the model was presented world premiere at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September. Twizy measures 2.3 […]

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Electric Cars Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi i-MiEV – Car of the Year in Japan

The Mitsubishi i MiEV electric model was declared winner of “The most advanced technology available” provided by the jury of Car of the Year in Japan. The announcement was made at the Tokyo Motor Show. Mitsubishi i-MiEV is a car that does not make compromises with the environment. It was found that Mitsubishi has combined […]

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Electric Cars Renault

Renault to Launch Its First Electric Car in Romania – Renault Fluence

Renault plans to launch in Romania, in 2011, its first electric model, Fluence sedan. The model will be launched in a conventional version this fall. The French presented, at the Frankfurt auto show, several electric concepts and Fluence ZE will be the first produced in 2011 in 20 countries with an autonomy of 160 km.

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