April 12, 2024

Ford Focus RS – pricing

Ford Focus RS

We already talked about the appearance of the Ford Focus RS, but new we have new information about the price.

At first people expected the Ford Focus RS to cost around €40,000. The people from Ford decided to surprise everyone with an impressive price of €27,900. Someone might think that the price is to high, but this is just because Ford has made a habit of creating simple cars for easy roads. However, the Ford Focus RS is a powerful and reliable car and it surely deserves a higher price tag. The car can reach 100 km/h in only 6 seconds and it has a maximum speed of 260.

In conclusion, the Ford Focus RS can be considered a cheap car if you look at its performances and the €27,900 price tag. I am sure that the sales that Ford will make with this model will help them get through this economical situation easier.

Ford Focus RSFord Focus RS interiorFord Focus RS

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