Meaning Business — Car Manufacturers Get Serious in Saudi Arabia

The international car market is changing and emerging economies are beginning to make their presence felt. Jaguar, Land Rover is a good example. It now exports 80% of its production and its biggest single market is not the UK or US: it’s China. The BRIC economies of Brazil, Russia, India and China are rising fast [...]

2014 Toyota Highlander get high crass test score

Most people that go for an SUV when they purchase a vehicle think they will be much safer in a hulking monster than a tiny sedan. Unfortunately, many of the SUVs out there today behave terribly in crash tests, making them genuine death traps for anyone inside. But now and then, a properly designed and [...]

Tommykaira kit for Toyota Prius

As far as tuning goes, hybrid or fully electric vehicles don’t receive quite as much attention as regular gasoline burners. And when an aftermarket specialist actually touches such a car, the improvements are mostly limited to aesthetics. The same can be said for this Toyota Prius kit offered by Tommykaira. Given the original shape and [...]

2014 Geneva: Lexus RC F GT3 Racing Concept Ready for the Green Flag

The Lexus RC F GT3 Racing Concept is finally launched at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show, ready to be put on the tracks sooner than we might have previously expected. With this launch, Lexus wants everybody to know that the RC F Coupe is ready for the battle on the tracks, with more racecar features [...]

2014 Toyota Tundra Platinum 4×4

The Toyota car manufacturer has recently unveiled its Tundra Platinum 4×4, a sub-truck brand that promises to deliver off-road abilities and performances. Yet, the Tundra doesn’t really win the title of the leader in the truck industry, but may be still on its customers` shopping list with its big and dominating looks. In terms of [...]

Toyota Camry Faces Uncertain Future in Australia

Toyota’s already tenuous and unstable position in Australia has taken yet another blow in the form of a position paper that heralds the prospect of the Liberal government ending its financial assistance to car manufacturing through the Automotive Transformation Scheme (ATS). While the Productivity Commission’s final report on the subject of the ATS isn’t due [...]

Toyota reveals the Camry Hybrid SE Limited Edition

Toyota released photos and details on a special edition Camry Hybrid, namely the SE Limited Edition. Pricing starts at $27,845 with the first units to go on sale towards the end of this months. Power is offered by the same 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine and an electric motor for a total output of 200 horsepower. The [...]

2015 Toyota Camry – More Comfortable and Economical

Toyota is constantly reconsidering the design and performance plans for its cars. It is also the case of the 2015 Camry, which may be considered a more comfortable vehicle, with better fuel economy, and why not, more reliable. The next 2015 will be the updated version of the 2012 Toyota Camry seen in the photos. [...]

Toyota FT-1 Concept Out of the Ordinary

All I want to state right now is: “Oh, my dear God!” “What is that”? Toyota seemed to have outdone itself with the newly FT-1 Concept, the car that reminds us the Hi-Fi movies. The striking FT-1 Concept was the ace under the sleeve of Toyota at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show. I told already [...]

2014 Toyota Tundra under High Demands

The Toyota truck manufacturer will need to find a way to ramp up the production capacity for its 2014 Tundra pickup truck next year, due to the high demands from the US market. If we were to compare the company with the truck titans, Toyota has managed to have a slim car sell every year. [...]

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