Fisker and Leonardo DiCaprio partner up

Fisker is a new company, trying out everything possible to become competitive on the market but they’re not doing too well so far. Thankfully, they American company just got a bit of a break as one of the most important actors in Hollywood, one of the most capable influencers of the electrically powered car. As [...]

2012 Fisker Karma price increased

The 2012 Fisker Karma is the plugin hybrid vehicle that everybody is waiting for and, at the same time, it’s been doing the “fashionably late” scenario a little over the top. Hardly a few deliveries have been made yet the American company announces that the price was raised and this time it’s actually a consistent [...]

The Fisker Karma is a subcompact

Petrolheads never really got along with the legislators, mostly because the latter keep trying to starve our cars of power, noise and plenty of other niggles. This time however, it seems like the legislators have gone on to make a decision that will almost certainly make petrolheads laugh their heads off. According to the chaps [...]

Fisker Karma gets EPA sticker

After hearing about countless problems and delays regarding the Fisker Karma, its production and market availability fans and customers can finally breathe easy. This is because this little piece of news about the Fisker Karma is actually positive and stands for one less hurdle to overcome on its way to the market. The Fisker Karma [...]

Fisker plans to unveil the Surf model in Frankfurt

Fisker isn’t exactly a company that’s enormous, full of money and which has a model lineup which includes hundreds of models but this isn’t putting a hamper on their plans. The luxury American car maker will be unveiling a new model at the upcoming 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show and it presents quite the interesting situation. [...]

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