Caterham might be up for sale

The British car maker Caterham is not what you would consider an automotive industry giant, but it managed to make a name for itself. Well, for those that think the brand is a winner, they might soon have the chance to buy it all, if they can spare £350 million. Apparently this is exactly what [...]

Caterham starts building bikes – first three revealed

If I say “Caterham Seven”, most car enthusiasts can already imagine the distinct silhouette of the iconic track car. Yet, in recent months, the British car maker has been advertising changes in the vehicle lineup. The most recent piece of news reveals Caterham’s motorcycle division, along with the first three models to emerge from this [...]

Caterham uses an inventive way to tease their new concept

Nowadays it is commonplace for every car maker to try and raise awareness and gain media attention for every new model they build. The practice usually entails a gradual release of information about the certain model, usually starting with a rumor, then a confirmation, then a teaser, after which the floodgates open. Not so long [...]

Caterham to use Suzuki engine for their entry level Seven

It seems that British car makers are making huge strides towards expanding their vehicle lineup. It is quite a good thing, although we can’t be certain if their well being is the reason behind it or they are clinging to some hopes of revitalizing their brands. Caterham has huge plans for their products. Besides the [...]

40 Years of Caterham and they’re still selling good – Caterham Seven the living proof

English car fans and not only are more than familiarized with the famous Caterham carmaker. We make no mistake saying that the brand still goes for oldies but goldies and that it works for them quite good. As their 40th anniversary is coming closer, they decided to bring up front a special model, the Caterham [...]

Caterham Seven will have an entry level

The British car maker Caterham has always taken pride with the quality of their street-legal track cars. Their Seven vehicle was so good, it became iconic for the class. Now, the latest news from Caterham confirm an entry level Seven that will hit the dealers this autumn. As the CEO, Graham Macdonald put it, “the [...]

Caterham introduces new affordable kart

Britain’s well known love affair with the race track is well known. Just in case we were close to forgetting it, they manage to remind us about it constantly. In the case of Caterham, they don’t have to talk to us too much about track days and performance since they’re almost always out there. With [...]

Caterham to expand range by 2020

Know a bit of history? Then you probably know that’s the place where you find about 95% of the British motoring industry. Few companies survive and of those that do, most specialize in small track day cars that almost never have any use outside a closed stretch of tarmac. Caterham is one of them, they’ve [...]

Caterham Supersport R starts at £24,995 in the UK

British customers have a new reason to be happy as Caterham officially revealed the new Supersport R, a model based on the standard Supersport variant. Under the hood we find a 2.0-liter engine from Ford, a unit capable to produce 180 horsepower and 194Nm of torque. Power is transferred to the wheels via a five-speed [...]

Caterham Superlight R600 provides new yardstick

Caterham must have taken a look at the whole of the British car industry and they will undoubtedly have noticed the changes. Everybody is going for sharp modern designs, all sorts of new technologies, improved interior quality and quite the focus on fuel economy. Caterham were quite impressed so they decided to completely ignore the [...]

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