General Motors and PSA discuss a potential extension of their collaboration

In case you have been following the evolution of General Motors, you must be familiarized with the news that GM is currently maintaining a partnership with PSA Peugeot Citroen group for the production of small segment units’ successors of their portfolios. It turns out that the two brands may be looking into an extension of [...]

GM to shake hands with Honda

A new partnership will be struck between two car makers. This time the western GM decided to team up with the eastern Honda. The purpose of this collaboration is to develop better fuel cell technologies, in an effort to push on the market better alternative fuel vehicles. It is common knowledge that in order to [...]

GMC revealed the 2014 Sierra Denali 1500

GMC has revealed the new 2014 Sierra Denali 1500 pick up truck, set to hit the market this fall. As the company describes the vehicle, the new Denali is set to be the most luxurious an technologically advanced truck out there. The Sierra Denali sports under the hood a 6.2 liter EcoTec3 V8 engine capable [...]

Ford and General Motors develop 9 and 10 speed automatic transmissions

It’s not often that two car making industry giants pool together their resources to work on a project. Not unless one has ownership of the other. Yet the two biggest car makers in USA decided to call a truce for a while and engineer a new generation of automatic gear boxes. This union will prove [...]

Double feature from GM

We have received additional information about two of GM’s pick-up trucks. Based on the same platform, the 2014 Chevrolet Silverado and the 2014 GMC Sierra now have a price tag and fuel consumption values. Sharing not just the platform they are built on, these two vehicles from GM will also use the 5.3 liter EcoTec3 [...]

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