Hummer H3

The Hummer H3 entered the series production in 2005 at the Shreveport plant in Louisiana, United States, sharing the same GMT355 platform with other models of the brand such as GMC Canyon or Chevrolet Colorado. The mid-size SUV was available exclusively in a four-door body style with a choice of three different engines ranging from [...]

Hummer H1

Hummer H1 is an off-road vehicle manufactured starting 1992 by AM General, a brand which agreed to create a joint venture with General Motors in 1999. The Hummer H1 was manufactured until 2006 at the Mishawaka plant in Indiana, U.S. in different body styles such as two and four-door pickup truck but also four-door wagon [...]

Hummer H2

After a few years of relatively poor sales from AMG, General Motor took over the Hummer brand and decided to make it much more sales friendly by making it smaller, shinier and focused mainly on the skin deep aspects. The Hummer H2 bears some resemblance to its H1 counterpart but underneath it is a Chevrolet [...]

Hummer H3 Made of… Lotto Tickets!

In our daily lives we are constantly bombarded by all kinds of ads and nice tempting thoughts about the xyz product, how useful it will be to us and how much we need it. And there are people who try their luck in something countless times because of these kinds of thoughts. Lotto is one [...]

Last Hummer made, shop closes up

The sad day has ended, General Motor’s Hummer brand has finally closed up shop and turned off the lights for the last time. You may recall that GM actually closed down the plant before but resumed activities in order to complete a special order of 849 Hummer H3′s.

Japanese Bling for the Hummer

Should Bling be something specific for your life and you feel you are missing out on a bit of 2005′s Hummer H2 versus Cadillac Escalade and Lincoln Navigator era this may be the break you’ve been waiting for: the Hummer H2 Ultimate Six. Japanese tuner Calwing’s US division entitled 213 Motoring has set up a [...]

Hummer unleashes a recall on the H3

Recalls aren’t big news any more and this concerns me a bit, there are quite a lot going on and with such a great number of them around you may start to think, how much longer until they figure out an issue with my car? Hopefully you will not get the chance to read a [...]

Want to save Hummer? Go to Chicago

The title above is not a rip off or any sort of insult to Chicago, Hummer owners, fans and of course employees. What it actually is, is true, Chicago is going to host a “Save Hummer Motors in America” summit where everybody can show their support for the Hummer brand which, to be honest, needs [...]

Hummer H2 Bomber By GeigerCars

When you look at the pictures just one thought is crossing through your mind, this Hummer H2 Bomber developed by the tuning house GeigerCars is the perfect off-road car. This car goes everywhere and passes above anything thanks to those tracks. Those from GeigerCars had just one objective in mind, they wanted to transform the [...]

Details and photos with Humer H2 tuned by CFC

Here is a really cool tuning kit and I have to say that I don’t remember the last time when we talked about a tuned Hummer. Also, it is letting us to talk again about this big brand that unfortunately is dead as I said in a previously post, you can check for it by [...]

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