Tata Nano Diesel to Be Revealed Next Month, Sedan and Hatchback Ahead Soon?

Our rumors concerning a diesel version from the Tata manufacturer, were confirmed yesterday, when a report stated that a new Nano would be revealed this February, at the 2014 Indian Auto Expo. Tata Nano will be equipped with a twin-cylinder, 800-cc turbo-diesel, possibly making the car be the most fuel efficient vehicle in India. Right [...]

Tata unveiled the 2014 Nano model

While the name Tata is not that well known in the motoring industry, the company did quite well for itself. Known mainly for its trucks, Tata decided a while back it was time to come up with something new. An the Nano city car was born out of that idea. Now, the 2014 model of [...]

Renault targets a Tata Nano rival

The French used to be known for quirky, out of the box cars up to around a couple of decades ago and since then it’s been pretty much going downhill. Currently they seem to make cars that are quite interesting but are far from being so. They look a little interesting but are rather boring [...]

Tata Safari is turned into a Range Rover Evoque

We sure love making fun of the way the Indians keep on tuning cars in a very gay and friendly way but some of them do love to stand out. The company that churned out this Tata Safari for example has decided to take on a completely different chance and go with the Chinese design [...]

Tata Nano recalled or upgraded

The Indian automotive industry is far from class leading and their customers aren’t exactly surprised when a few quality issues sneak into the equation. Therefore when they just announced a recall for their recently revealed 2012 Tata Nano not that many people were surprised. Sure, some of us are cracking jokes about it, but mostly [...]

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