Momodesign creates a Lancia Delta S

With a serious rally pedigree, Lancia has earned its place in automotive history. So whenever a special version of it will come on the market, there will be plenty enthusiasts out there wishing for one. One such version was presented to the world at the Geneva Auto Show last month and today it finally went [...]

Lancia Flavia Red Carpet debuts at Venice Film Festival

Lancia Flavia gets a new special edition developed in partnership with Poltrona Frau and scheduled to make its public appearance at the Venice Film Festival. Under the bonnet we find the standard 2.4-liter four-cylinder petrol unit capable to deliver 170 horsepower and coupled to a six-speed automatic transmission. Therefore, the new Red Carpet edition brings [...]

Meet the Euro Chrysler 200 – the Lancia Flavia

The Fiat-Chrysler alliance decided for a plan swap in regards to the market introduction of the Chrysler 200′s European market release. Instead of going for the full-setup the Italians decided to offer the cream of choices, a convertible called the Lancia Flavia, which is the open top version of the Chrysler 200. They’ll be releasing [...]

KTM X-Bow takes up on the Lancia Stratos

KTM changed the number of wheels on the vehicles they make by creating the X-Bow but they somehow managed to keep the fun associated within the product. That said though, apart from the pitiful luggage space, if there was something considerably missing from the KTM X-Bow it was the body shape and image of a [...]

Ferrari against production of the new Lancia Stratos

For several years we’ve heard rumors, we’ve seen the real thing and eventually we saw a price tag and a hope of a limited series production of 40 units. Things were going pretty well for Pininfarina, Mr. Michael Stoscheck and the new Lancia Stratos. Just as they were inching towards the end where profit was [...]

Lancia reveals official photos for its fresh range

Lancia has big plans for this year, not only to introduce the new Ypsilon at Geneva but a whole new range, few models being Chrysler at origins too. Together with the new Ypsilon, the Italians will show the audience the new Thema sedan, known as Chrysler 300C in the U.S. and the Lancia Flavia or [...]

Meet the new Lancia Ypsilon – orders start in June

The Italians from Lancia revealed the new Ypsilon, the European model which has its brother in the U.S., wearing Chrysler’s badge. The new Lancia Ypsilon will be available as a five-door model and comes with a lenght of 3,8 meters, quite enough considering that the chassis is almost the same found on the Fiat 500. [...]

The new Lancia Stratos gets a pricetag

For me, the most important car to come along in recent years can simply be called an old car to come along in recent years. I’m talking about the new Lancia Stratos. Sadly, while it’s a great new version of a great old car, it’s also a one off, a unique vehicle made by Pininfarina [...]

Chrysler’s 200 to become Lancia’s newest product

I’m pretty bored about speaking my mind in regards to the Lancia situation, especially since Fiat and Chrysler are pondering a way to kill it off almost completely by swapping badges with the American products. After a somewhat delayed process, Lancia’s first just such product is expected to arrive at the Geneva Motor Show and [...]

2011 Chrysler 200 to be introduced in Europe as Lancia Flavia

Chrysler 200 will be officially introduced on the European market and the cofirmation comes from Sergio Marchionne, Chrysler’s Chief Executive. Together with the new Lancia Ypsilon and Phedra, the Italian manufacturer may introduce at the incoming Geneva Motor Show the new Lancia Flavia which probably will be the name of Chrysler 200 in Europe. We [...]

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